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When my children were young, I found a pajama brand (which shall remain nameless), that I absolutely loved because of the incredibly soft fabrics. They carried sleepwear in my size, but not the same cute patterns. This was disappointing. That’s why when I discovered Kickee Pants at the virtual Curve Connect Show this Fall, I was pleasantly surprised. This 13-year-old brand produces a bevy of products for the entire family but for me, it was the family pajamas that caught my attention. They had me the moment I felt the proprietary bamboo sourced viscose fabric: incredibly soft, moisture wicking, temperature controlling and designed in original prints. I am a grandmother now, with several little people and their 30 something parents to whom I can gift them. It shouldn’t be difficult as they are available in XS-3X for adults and micro-premie–14 for children.

Besides the pajama story the most compelling aspect of this west coast family owned company is their huge commitment to sustainability, community, and comfort. Their entire modus operandi is founded on the premise of giving. Focused 100% on the customer’s needs from childhood, maternity, parenthood, and beyond, it’s all about flexibility, feeling and family.

Kickee’s children’s line has inspired the relatively new adult styles. Women began to ask for them in adult sizes.  On their own, women have created self-formed private on-line groups, such as Kickee Village on Facebook. Here they share pictures of their kids and themselves in Kickee pajamas. The reaction has been visceral as it has now evolved into chat areas about parenting. Emotional support correlates perfectly with the brand DNA: personal involvement, positivity, and price sensitive products. For more information, contact:

“Nothing is Better Than Going Home to Family
and Eating Good Food and Relaxing.” Irina Shayk

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