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I know my compadres in the United States are going to give me side eye when I tell you in this post that it’s quite cool here in Los Cabos, especially at night, I know it’s freezing in the Northeast, but for me, this is a new experience in Mexico. Even though I have had a home here since 2012, I have never been here in January or February. I am usually at trade shows and in the New York market. As a result, I do not have cozy clothes with me and find myself walking around the house with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders or venturing out at night in my husband’s windbreakers. I could use a few of these Pluto lounge pieces to ward of the chill.

Pluto Luxury loungewear in Italian fleece as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Pluto Intimates is the quintessential loungewear brand who, for 46 years has been dedicated to cuddling a woman’s body with cozy, plush fabrics sourced in the best Italian and Portuguese textile mills. The clean classic designs appointed with subtle sewing details are developed and produced in Europe. The brands commitment to understated luxury defines its character: classic, elegant and 100% functional. In these nerve wracking times, sequestered by events beyond our control, investing in quality and comfort makes sense.

Pluto Luxury loungewear in Italian fleece as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Comfort is a Powerful Sedative” Samantha Garman


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