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If you have ever had the privilege of chatting with the inimitable Molly Hopkins, co-owner with Cynthia Dekcer of LiviRae in Kennesaw, Georgia, you would understand why their store profile is so compelling. LiviRae is an extension of these two women, a cornucopia of creativity and caring. It is a lingerie haven for women sized 28-56, A-O cups. Both Molly and Cynthia are paragons of positivity with a single-minded mission to “Make it Work”. With such an extensive range of fit needs, and a desire to nurture each individual client, they have developed a customization business that has now morphed into a nascent brand, Maxi Mahlon. The Maxi Mahlon story begins with Cynthia, but reaches a plethora of women, far beyond their regional selling area.  It’s tale founded on the desire to nurture and the power to pick oneself up from adversity and move forward.

LiviRae Lingerie's Maxi Mahlon gown for plus sizes as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Maxi Mahlon was born in a dark yet loving place. Cynthia’s son, Mahlon, who was the light of her life, died at age 16 in a tragic auto accident.  He was her biggest fan. Then her favorite aunt, Millie Maxi, a “full-fledged fashionista” passed on. It was the combination of their memories to which Cynthia turned to find solace and with Molly and their grass roots approach to sewing, created the first Maxi Mahlon gown. The genius of the construction is its simplicity: engineered in a sheer nylon, gathered with a satin ribbon at the bodice, it expands or contracts to fit any size from 4-28. Its just a matter of more or less ruffles. Available long and short and in 4 colors, I have no doubt that if you ask, they will add another color or adjust it to your unique needs. The appeal of a sexy item that “everywoman” can enjoy has made the Maxi Mahlon gowns a phenomenon on their website, in the store and the press.  I’m looking forward to seeing what these two bra divas do next.

LiviRae Lingerie's Maxi Mahlon gown for plus sizes as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“One Look is Worth a Thousand Words”  Fred R. Barnard

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