The World of LOU Lingerie


Absolu (32-38, B-DD)

I find it a bit charming that as a young woman, my friends nicknamed me Lou. I am fairly sure it had more to do with the abbreviation of my last name rather than comparing me to Lucienne Faller, the inspiration for the French lingerie brand LOU. I like the idea that my youthful passion for all things French, my affinity for art and my career foray into the Intimate’s landscape somehow aligns me with the world of LOU.  Everything about the brand aesthetic appeals to my instinct for technical beauty, visionary imagery, and feminine tenacity.

LOU Lingerie Pure Insolence collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsPure Insolence (32-42, B-G)

What makes LOU lingerie so fascinating is its unique French design signature: contemporary lingerie with plenty of personality. For me, a student of shape and form, LOU’s bow to graphic design has always captured my imagination. But above all, it is the quality of componentry, the perfection of fit and the attention to poetic details that define the brand’s luxury lineage. In 2021, LOU showcases an array of intimate collections that move effortlessly through a woman’s entire day.

Oxygène coton (32-40, B-F)

Oxygène coton (32-38, A-D)

LOU Lingerie Poesie collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsPoèsie Parisienne (32-40, B-G)

LOU Lingerie Absolu collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsAbsolu (32-38, B-E)

LOU Lingerie Legerte collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsLÉGÈRETÉ (S-XL)





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