Opposites Attract ~ Prima Donna Efforia


A few days ago, I was sculling through my Prima Donna Twist Spring 2021 notes and came upon this Efforia image, a very cool ‘twist’ on both the animal print and floral motifs that are fundamental to the lingerie business. The design is right in my wheelhouse: a juxtaposition of two opposing visuals that together form an entirely new effect. Using counterintuitive concepts seems apt for this season during which we vacillate between cautious retreat and a desire to put ourselves ‘out there’.

Prima Donna Efforia padded balconnet bra to H cups as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Efforia collection is inspired by fashion mavens Dolci and Gabanna and the brand’s eclectic aesthetic.  Prima Donna creates a contemporary take on feminine sensuality with a pattern combining snakeskin and roses on soft, stretch lace. Eight shapes; four bras and four panties are engineered in a flexible size range from 30-44, C-H and XS-4XL.  Developed with the famed Prima Donna construction, each piece is meticulously executed for maximum support and comfort. Created as functional lingerie, these styles are street worthy and meant to be seen as summer emerges. This duality of use reinforces my premise that the dialectic between need and desire can meld into one dynamic result.

“The Joy of Juxtapositions is Endless” Peter B. Lewis

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