Make a Statement ~ Poetically Correct by P.J.Harlow


My career segued to the Intimate Apparel business 30 + year ago when I was plucked out of the ready to wear division to spearhead the lingerie product development initiative at Macy’s Corporate office. I knew nothing about the category, which at the time, was dominated by polyester in pale pink and blue designs. Oblivious to the “rules” I purchased a few cotton knit big t-shirts in bold prints from Benetton, a hot 80’s RTW brand.  I thought that an oversize cotton knit sleepshirt would be a key item and a way to make a statement about how innovative our Intimates business could be. I presented them to the merchants.  They were appalled. I was challenged about “rocking the boat”. Luckily, management supported my instincts and the company’s “lounge” business exploded. Today cotton knit sleep and loungewear is ubiquitous.

Poetically Correct Cotton knit T-Lounge shirts as featured on Lingerie Briefs

When P.J. Harlow recently launched their Poetically Correct nightshirt brand, I had this merchandising flashback. I am positive these oversized T-lounge shirts, garment dyed with “secret softeners” and available in sizes 1-3 will be best sellers. What sets them apart, as well as their simplicity, are the 14 separate empowering quotes that individualize each one. Some of my favorites are “KBO KEEP BUGGERING ON – WINSTON CHURCHILL”, “MAKE SOME NOISE”,  “COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS”, “BUCK UP GIRL IT’S CRAZY OUT HERE ™ “ and “STRONG AS A MOTHER”.  Comfort and conversation; women are loving them. Personally, I want one in multiple colors  because they will satisfy my sleep and lounge needs 24/7.

Poetically Correct Cotton knit T-Lounge shirts as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Power is Making a Statement About Who You Are” Christine Aquilera

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