Skin Lingerie Swings the Pendulum


It’s no secret that society has experienced a cultural shift. Whenever this occurs the pendulum eventually swings back in search of some balance. Certainly, 2020 set a new standard of disruption. In the Intimate Apparel industry, comfort commandeered the platform, escalating a trend already on a trajectory in lingerie. Bralettes, for example, were usurping underwire bra sales before the pandemic. The lockdown turned this evolution into a no-wire revolution. Comfort at all costs. Fashion, not so much.

Skin Lingerie Gita Bralette as featured on Lingerie Briefs

But now, as the world opens, we are poised for a counterbalance. Hybrid bras are emerging and Skin’s Gita bralette proves my point. Designed in the brand’s signature soft organic pima cotton with a modicum of stretch, this style is engineered in a v-wire construction that holds it in place for sizes XS-L (34-38, A-D), Available in a plethora of skin tones, Gita’s architectural shape proves sexy can be comfortable. Since this has always been the Skin attitude, it’s no wonder that the Gita bralette is a constant sell-out and reorder item.

Skin Lingerie Gita Bralette as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Ah, Art! Ah, Life! The Pendulum Swinging Back and Forth,
From Complex To Simple, Again to Complex”
Ray Bradbury


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