A Burst of Summer ~ Hanro’s Laura Collection


I am not sure what excites me most about Hanro’s Laura gown, this brilliant yellow or the easy lounge shape, both of which defy old school sleepwear rules.  Personally, I laud both the color and the comfort factor. I already know that the cotton modal fabric will be incomparable in softness and unique in its construction. Like everything Hanro creates, it will be an investment in premium quality insuring longevity and by default, supporting sustainable efforts. The Laura collection fits seamlessly into their 2021 moniker, the TOUCH OF HANRO an ode to the extraordinary feeling of Hanro products on the skin. Sourced and produced in Hanro’s state of the art factories, these pieces are perfect ambassadors for the brands renown craftsmanship. Four styles; gown, big shirt, cami/short and s/s pajama are available from XS-L in a range of lush colors. The success of the Laura nightwear speaks for itself as it continues its key role in Hanro’s summer repertoire for the third year in a row.

Hanro short set in bright yellow as seen on Lingerie Briefs

“Yellow is Capable of Charming God” Vincent Van Gogh


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