Claim of Gwen Berry regarding Her Action During Olympic Trials For You Sports Gambling Fans Have to Know

Claim of Gwen Berry regarding Her Action During Olympic Trials For You Sports Gambling Fans Have to Know – During U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trial, there was controversy regarding the Gwen Berry, the hammer thrower who got the third place in the trial. The problem started when Gwen Berry turned away from the American Flag when the national anthem was played. At that moment, she and the other two hammer throwers were on podium. The trials were held in Eugene, Oregon. In the trials, Gwen Berry got third position and he got the chance to join the trip to the Tokyo Olympics that will be held in Japan next month.

Lingerieinsight – The first place on the podium was DeAnna Price just like the first place for playing SPORTS GAMBLING. Then, the second winner was Brooke Andersen. Gwen Berry got the third place and received the bronze medal. It was when she got the medal and stepped on the podium that the national anthem was played. After the controversy, Gwen Berry also made some statements regarding her behavior on the podium when the national anthem was played. She said that she was set up by the committee. To The Association Press, she said “I feel like it was a set-up, and they did it on purpose.” In addition to this statement, she also said that she was angry because of the controversy.

When the song was played, Berry turned her face to the stands instead of to the flag. Even, she eventually took a a t-shirt and place the t-shirt on her head. On the t-shirt, there were words “Activist, Athlete”. Of course, it was not only her attitude that people thought of being disrespectful that made her got many criticisms and bad comments. Her action with her t-shirts also made some people angry toward her action on the podium.

As what was mentioned before, Berry thought that it was a set-up. She thought that the anthem would be played before the winners walk out. She said to Association Press, “they played it when we were out there.” What was more interesting was her next statement to the Association Press. “I don’t really want to talk about the anthem because that’s not important. The anthem doesn’t speak for me. It never has.” Her statement surely made many people send more responses toward her actions.

To the Reuters, she also said that there were many occasions to play the anthem song. There were many moments that the song can be played before she stepped on the podium. She said that she was already uncomfortable with the situation since it was hot. That was why she wanted to make it end quickly so she could get into better place to cool down her body.

In response toward the situation and the claim of set-up made by Berry, spokeswoman of USA Track and Field made a statement. Susan Hazard said that the national anthem was scheduled to be played at 5.20 p.m. She said that it was already part of the schedule in which the national anthem was played at that time every day. That was why the anthem was played without waiting for the athletes of hammer throwing on the podium to receive the award.

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