New Face, Ferrari 296 GTB Projected Electric Power

New Face, Ferrari 296 GTB Projected Electric Power – After a long time not releasing a number of the latest releases, now Ferrari will appear with a new face. It is known that the Ferrari 296 GTB is projected as an electric sports car. This is the second series to adopt the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technology system.

Previously, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale appeared with this technology. But the Ferrari 296 GTB still uses a V6 engine. Later the sports car will be the toughest competitor a number of other latest versions.

This triggers professional slot gambling players to immediately get it. Because they are now getting sharper in choosing the best machines to get big profits. Some of them had managed to taste a mountain of unlimited profits. It could be that they will use this advantage as an important capital to propose to the Ferrari 296 GTB.

The Ferrari 296 GTB appeared with 6 cylinders. However, the car is not the same as the Ferrari Dino. It is known that the electric-powered car adopted the name 296 from the 6-cylinder and 2.9-liter engine. While the name GTB takes the word Gran Turismo Berlinetta. The car has an engine capacity of 2,992 cc.

If you look at the Ferrari Dino version, the Ferrari 296 GTB only uses 2 cylinders. However, the Prancing Horse SI experienced a special downgrade. However, the technology developed later does not really refer to a plug-in hybrid system.

In the appearance of its latest design, the Ferrari 296 GTB prefers an exterior style that is more towards simplicity and perfect blend than the previous version. The shape of the spoiler that will appear slightly resembles the 1963 race car, the LaFerrari.

On the windshield, this sports car is not too flashy, but only wraps around the side window. As a result, the design is almost the same as the Ferrari J50 series. While the inside takes the design from the output of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

On the other hand, the latest features presented are still perpetuating the previous version. Even so, the satisfaction guarantee for the drivers is unquestionable. Because they will be more relaxed with futuristic features that are presented.

Lingerieinsight – The performance of the Ferrari 296 GTB is arguably very aggressive on the streets. Because the car uses a turbocharger that can lower the center of gravity and reduce weight. The V6 engine used will be coupled with the little V12. So that the power to be generated is 663 hp.

In terms of torque, the car can reach 740 Nm in just 6,250 RPM. Uniquely again, the electric car is one with 167 hp power. The Ferrari 296 GTB is not much different from the Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic (MGU-K) which is often used in Ferrari Formula 1 engines which are capable of producing 218 hp per liter.
While the sprint acceleration can produce 200 km / h (0-124 miles / h) in just 7.3 seconds. This is half a second faster than the F8 Tributo series.

Engine power on the Ferrari 296 GTB will use a 7.45 kWh battery. The mileage range is only 16 miles or 25 kilometers. The car weighs 1,470 kilograms (3,241 pounds). Interestingly, the car will be equipped with the optional Assetto Fiorano package. So as to provide more carbon fiber on the exterior.

The first release of the new Ferrari 296 GTB will be held in mid-2022 with a selling price of 269,000 Euros or equivalent to Rp. 4.64 billion. And of course sports car fans will not wait to drive it soon.

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