Indonesia’s PPKM Emergency, What are the Steps of the Community?

Millions of information ranging from facts to hoaxes are now circulating widely. It is increasingly looting various countries, especially Indonesia. Currently, the country has held a program for the Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). Where many access roads to the City to the Provincial route are temporarily closed. So it is very difficult for residents to carry out normal daily activities.

Indeed, the PPKM program is the best action to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Because Indonesia is listed as the largest country in donating sufferers of the disease. The government is also fairly firm with enacting the program. However, this is contrary to the future of the local community, especially if the program is currently protracted endlessly.

But what is the most appropriate step to take when the PPKM program occurs? Several Indonesian people have taken the initiative to alleviate their respective futures. And here we have described some quite wise plans, including;

Doing Business Online
PPKM is not a strong reason to be lazy at home or anywhere. Because there are many ways to earn even if it’s just sleeping. One way is to cultivate an online business. Lately, the online buying and selling business is increasingly in demand everywhere. Many young people have proven that this business is the most accurate solution when they are not active outside the home.

Uniquely, many online buying and selling vendors have now opened branches. And that means that business opportunities to get closer to big profits are getting wider. If you don’t want to start an online business, you can imitate online soccer bettors. Where they don’t care about the current COVID-19 pandemic. The proof is that the betting market is still busy since the EURO 2020 event. And next month is the return of Europe’s Best World League. So placing bets online is a very solution for residents affected by PPKM.

Home New Abilities
On the other hand, residents can also hone new skills in their work. In general, high school to get a diploma is a shield to apply for a job. However, if examined more deeply, the main point they are looking for is the result or profit. So why rely on a diploma if the results you get are not in line with your dreams?
There are so many ways to get out of the problem of PPKM and economic lines. One of them is raising livestock, farming to farming. Because from the past until now, the three potentials are still high and do not recognize the term ups and downs. In fact, there are many young graduates who are willing to spend time to start these businesses.

Looking for a way out
And the last step may be to find a way out. If you think about it more deeply, the PPKM program is always against the residents. What’s the reason? Because the program seems to destroy their future. Not to mention they have to bear the family’s living expenses and other needs. Unity is needed to hack COVID-19 cases.

Although various activities have been officially opened, not all of them guarantee long-term health. The residents can conclude that by uniting to fight the virus, they can hack the PPKM program. Because if not, there will definitely be new programs that may appear in the following days. At least preparing for the best is the right step that needs to be done.

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