Jungle Cruise’s Latest Film Successfully Tops the Box Office This Week

The COVID-19 pandemic did not dampen Disney’s intention to continue showing its newest series in the entertainment world. It is evident that their latest film, Jungle Cruise, has successfully topped the Box Office this week.

Broadly speaking, the main concept of the film adopts the first series which appeared in 1955 in Anaheim, California. However, the story that is present this time really invites admiration for the audience, especially the soccer gambling players who always prioritize entertainment before betting. The storyline only invites passengers to sail by using a British steamboat from the 1930s. During the voyage, they were seen crossing various large rivers from South America, Africa to Southeast Asia. The story is inseparable from the climax story during World War I.

Earn Big Profits
At the time of its appearance, Disney had made huge profits from a number of theaters. It was noted that they had earned a net profit of 13.4 Million US Dollars. So this achievement makes Jungle Cruise ranks first in the Box Office. Based on the HarapanRakyat.com report, Jungle Cruise screenings have taken place in 4,310 theaters in North America with a profit of 30 million US dollars. This still does not include online viewing through the Disney+ Premier Access platform. Box Office analysts still have not allowed the screening of the film in countries affected by COVID-19. Even so, they are still trying to improve the world of entertainment for moviegoers. In addition to achieving success at the Box Office, the film also received an A- in CinemaScore. The film, starring Dwayne Johnson, is believed to be able to shock the world after the pandemic case ended.

Too Much Nostalgia
Disney has determined to bring a lot of nostalgia in order to make the stage act easier for its players. They also seemed happy when acting in different conditions and storylines.
As stated by Dwayne Johnson, he considers that the Jungle Cruise ride is an amusement park that can captivate him further strengthening the spirit of the role. Johnson added that he had ridden the vehicle when he was a child. A few months later, he toured Disney World for the first time in order to get the best impression from the famous film actors. The element of nostalgia is what makes the main role make it seem more real. In filming, Johnson looks more aggressive than the other cast. So that the production of the film runs optimally than previous expectations. On the one hand, the other actresses also seemed happy when acting with Johnson. They did not hesitate to mention how excited they were to be on the same stage with the world famous cast of The Rock.

Jungle Cruise Cast’s Positive Impression
Not only winning at the Box Office, the cast of Jungle Cruise also got a positive impression because they gave the best to film fans. As revealed by Emily Blunt who plays Dr. Lily Houghton. He saw a very strong chemistry when carrying out dialogue and stage actions between other players. The shooting location that he felt was completely different from the film he had played in before. Meanwhile, Jack Whitehall who became the brother of Dr. Lily really liked the Jungle Cruise storyline. For him Disney has undergone a very significant change. So don’t be surprised if the film is worthy of displacing the best film in the class of The Suicide Squad made by James Gunn.

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