Hippindo Bans Children Under 12 from Entering Mal

The case of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia has not even decreased until this moment. However, a number of media have reported that the increase in the outbreak is recorded to be increasingly widespread. Thus, the Government established a program for the implementation of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) up to level 4. Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Shopping Center Tenants Association (Hippindo), Budihardjo Iduansjah, stipulated that children under 12 years old do not have a permit to enter shopping malls.
This has had a major impact on a number of malls throughout Indonesia. The reason is that since the regulation came into effect starting from PPKM level 1, commercial activity has decreased very significantly. It was noted that hundreds of tenders to shareholders in various malls suffered heavy losses. Some time ago, a number of malls outside DKI Jakarta, such as East Java (Jatim), Central Java (Central Java) to Bali, still carried out shopping activities as usual. However, visitors are required to comply with the health protocols that have been determined. However, Budihardjo has made rules to reduce the level of crowds which will have a big impact in the future. In the end, a number of large malls at a number of points had to close access for minors.

Shareholders in Various Malls Propose Negotiations
According to the IDN Times report, a number of shareholders in various malls have proposed negotiations over the regulations set by Budihardjo. Namely, they want to continue these activities by emphasizing health protocols. As is known, several malls in several regions of the archipelago have carried out strict medical tests for every visitor who comes. Several parties proposed that if there would be no transmission of COVID-19 and perhaps other bad effects, they also insisted on continuing to open shopping centers normally. Budihardjo also responded to this. His party said that all malls were allowed to operate as usual, even if it had to bring toddlers. “The regulation has been based on the latest conditions and the Government’s decision. Because the transmission of the epidemic is considered to be faster and more vicious when there is a crowd. We will also conduct trials at various points. Even if the results are negative, then activities at the mall can return to normal, “said Budihardjo.

Not Afraid of Rules
As happened some time ago. Slot gambling players also ventured to dive into the land-based betting arena and play online. Because for them, this activity is the most important habit and often becomes their daily income. Reflecting on this, the founders of malls outside DKI Jakarta also seem not afraid of the applicable regulations. Although this seems to be against the law, they consider that there is no other way to earn income other than opening a business. Budihardjo emphasized that there is no prohibition if several malls are re-opened. But the most important thing is not to abuse the specified agreement.

Do a Dine In Trial
Furthermore, Budihardjo wants to see the latest developments when a number of restaurants in general will change their views. Namely, those who are used to serving customers indoors must do dine-in services. Ironically again, every visitor who comes is required to show a certificate of vaccination carried out at a number of related hospitals or health centers. It is even possible to carry out an inspection through the PeduliLindung application. “We just want to check how the latest conditions are since the PPKM program. Apart from that, we also rely on the progress of health protocols and accurate applications to see if the mall should be active again or maybe it should be reoriented,” concluded Budihardjo.

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