5 List of Brands Selling Women’s Lingerie Online In E-commerce

Every woman wants to have a quality lingerie. No wonder lingerie plays an important role in showing a woman’s actual posture. But in choosing lingerie must be chosen correctly.
Of course, lingerie is not just bras or panties but there are also various other models. Call it like bustler, camisole to thongs or G-string. So just adjust it to the needs of each – each. How? Still curious?

Wacoal is a brand that has been trusted by various people who produce lingerie. There are so many choices ranging from bras, panties, bodyshapers, nightwear, to various other underwear.
Not only in the basic concept, but Wacoal is also present in producing lingerie or underwear with the Chinese New Year concept. Although it has many models but the products are very affordable.
In fact, you don’t need to be confused about coming to the location, but you can directly buy at trusted e-commerce. For example, lingerie which has cotton and lace is priced at 245 thousand rupiah.

Tally is the second brand to collect a variety of quality underwear. For the product itself, you can directly check the Tally brand underwear. Tally is a brand that still prioritizes comfort when customers use their products. Even Tally also has classy details and models, such as Tally’s taglines, namely Tally, Luxurious Comfort. There are a lot of various products provided, for example, such as a multifunctional kemben. Even the kemben can be used as a bra for everyday life to sports. Keep in mind that the kemben is a fine brocade material so that it will make the user comfortable in wearing it. The price is also affordable, around 60 thousand rupiah per pcs.

Mooimom can be a brand that provides the right lingerie or underwear for pregnant women. Moreover, there are many collections of multifunctional underwear that you can use for pregnant women to breastfeeding. After giving birth, of course, every woman wants her body to be normal as usual. Therefore, Mooimom comes with a corset belt that functions as a slimming corset after giving birth. The price is also affordable and is valued at around 149 thousand rupiah.

Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin is an underwear brand from France that doesn’t just produce everyday clothes. Even this product from Pierre Cardin is perfect for those of you who want a beautiful body just by wearing lingerie. Even if you wear underwear, you can still have a fashionable and comfortable design. In fact, there are many models of lingerie ranging from bra sets, panties, nightwear to sportswear. The average product is made from 95 percent cotton to 5 percent spandex. With a price of around 90 thousand rupiah.

Vaya Madelon
Vaya Madelon is a local lingerie brand that produces not only women’s clothing but men’s clothing. For women’s clothing, Vaya comes with various collections of super complete lingerie including underwear or panties. Vaya panties are also designed to remain smooth, soft and absorb sweat. To get the product is easy, you only need to pay around 12 thousand rupiah per fruit. How? Interested in buying? Those are some brand recommendations that can be used as references for those of you who want to buy lingerie products. Hopefully some of the recommendations above can be useful for you. Don’t forget to choose quality lingerie products

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